There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

Call me Jester (Duckstapler and variants of it is fine too). I'm a lesbian separatist who draws space marines and horrible animal people.

MY WEBSITE!!!! (the games are here)

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i was thinking, phoenix doesnt get to pwn people enough. so i was hoping you could say “if you mess with the phoenix, you get the flames” in phoenix’s voice please


Phoenix’s finest hour.

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Inspector Cabanela from Ghost Trick, fan-sprited in the style of the Ace Attorney games! Drawn from scratch. Made them last year for the Court Records Sprite Cup contest, and got first place. See all of them and the full sprite sheet here, and be sure to check out the other entries, because I had some serious competition!

Because my time was limited, I missed one of his expressions (the serious-looking-forward one) and couldn’t do the twirling animation I wanted to throw in, but I’m glad I was able to do a decent range of emotions.

I also won first place in the 2008 Sprite Cup (boy that’s a long time ago now) with my Neil Marshall fan sprites.

EDIT (3/28): Moved the Neil sprite page. Updated the link.


that one character everyone loves but you just like


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also my computer got some adware or some shit so that’s great too

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aww yea feelin like TRASH

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“She was beautiful, elegant. Like a tall clear glass filled with raw pasta.”

If White Characters Were Described Like People of Colour in Literature @ Buzzfeed

Worth reading for #16 alone.

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