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Aug 23


Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

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first the aesthetic generator….. now the fursona generator!! if u have ever wondered what your fursona would be or you want a change, now u can discover the fursona Of Your Dreams…. (warning for some body horror text!)

"shimmering lilac walrus. it wears louboutin heels. it comes from a long line of royalty"

hm uhm hm yea

ancient wolf. it constantly drips with a tar-like black substance. it carries a nail bat.
it me

sweaty jellyfish. it loves to wear combat boots with cute stickers all over them. it flickers in and out of this plane of reality.

"shimmering lilac sloth. it uses reddit but won’t admit it. it wears incredibly large and impractical sunglasses." this is surprisingly close to my old fursona

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Aug 22


Anonymous said: idk if it helps but I was taking wellbutrin a few months ago and it didn't do shit for me. i switched to fluoxetine just recently and that's doing way better for me (personally).

Been on fluoxetine, didn’t help me much. Couldn’t get the dose high enough to do anything without a whole bunch of bad side effects. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Wellbutrin’s been pretty good for me, I’ve definitely had the most success with it. I just have no idea wtf is up with these 150mg pills.


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Aug 18


@duckstapler said: MAN I REALLY DIG ALL YOUR CHARACTERS… good to see taft again… also its too far back on my dash to find + comment but all of the bezrien monsters are little angels. very silent hill in a good way.

AWw, thanks so much man (how have you been?) I always neglect to notice how long the stretches of time are in between my postings of characters because I’m always workin’ with them even if I’m not posting art of them, like shit I haven’t submitted something of Filo since… NOVEMBER? What the heck.

And I made those monsters seven years ago when I was neck-deep in my middle school Silent Hill obsession HA HA~ I hope they’ve gotten their own identity through redesigns but I don’t mind them carrying those SH vibes at all, thanks!

I’ve been doing okay, I’m on skype a lot more often than I used to be so I should be easier to catch if you’re up for chatting sometime.

NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT I HAVEN’T SEEN A FILO IN A WHILE… but I totally get you on the “I haven’t drawn them but THEY’RE ALWAYS BEING WORKED ON IN MY HEART (and never-seen sketchbook)” dealio. That’s pretty much the space most of my characters are occupying at the moment. I used to feel weirdly guilty about not giving all my characters equal public attention but now that I’m into making games I’m more okay with it because YOU’LL GET YOUR TIME TO SHINE EVENTUALLY, ASSHOLE…

I think you’ve done a good job of giving them their own “feel” despite their Silent Hill inspiration. They definitely feel more like creatures than SH’s otherworldy horrors (not that they’re not also horrors but you get me right), like something you could envision stalking around creepy ass wilderness, y’know? And not a single one of them is a sexy nurse!

I want a pet Unicorn.

Aug 16

I don’t know why but tumblr has completely stopped alerting me of new messages on this account. I still get them but I don’t get the little red message alert telling me I got them.


so everyone who’s sent messages to me in the past… however long. I wasn’t ignoring you.

I DUNNO WHY THIS IS HAPPENING it’s a lot bigger tumblr fuckup than usual??

On Telltale Games’ Ableist Treatment of Sarah


For those who aren’t a fan of this once-amazing series, The Walking Dead Game has always been lauded for its character diversity (with a wide range of different nationalities and racial backgrounds represented, well-written female characters and characters of all ages and body types featured prominently throughout the game).

In Season 2 we encountered Sarah, a Hispanic 15-year-old girl who is neurodivergent and has trouble coping with the horrors of the new world around her.


Now of course, being a female character and being disabled, she was immediately despised by the majority of the fandom. Slurs were tossed around, people frequently referred to her as “a liability”, and there were frequent posts made on Telltale’s forums, Facebook, Youtube, and elsewhere wishing her dead and hoping for a chance to kill her. This was nothing new - we had seen much of this before, with other female characters in the franchise. However, the ableism was rampant, and people would write essays about how she was “bringing the group down” and why her death would be a “good” thing for the other characters.

(spoilers) Her death came after the player was told several times by a pragmatic character that Sarah was dragging the group down, that she was a weakness, and that she “clearly” didn’t want to live (despite the fact that she screams and cries for help the entire time she’s being eaten). Instead of subverting that character’s pragmatism and showing that people with disabilities can still survive an apocalypse, she is killed even if the player chooses to save her (in a horrible manner, where she is partially crushed under a fallen balcony and then devoured alive by walkers as she screams for help). Her death served to further the already-prevalent fandom belief that disabled people are unnecessary weights holding survivors back, and makes total apocalyptic pragmatism look like a justified belief.

Of course, that made us (Sarah fans) angry and upset, especially considering many of us are ourselves neurodivergent (and several autistic teenage fans headcanoned her as being autistic) and the belief that characters like us are just liabilities is extremely hurtful. But that’s not what’s spurring me to make this post today.

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Aug 09




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