There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

Aug 24


sonira said: have you ever checked out nanashi no game? it's kind of like a meta creepypasta game by square enix

no I have not I will check it out!

i aspire to some day MAKE a “haunted” creepypasta game ya dig


creepypastas in 1 picture


creepypastas in 1 picture

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Aug 23


Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

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first the aesthetic generator….. now the fursona generator!! if u have ever wondered what your fursona would be or you want a change, now u can discover the fursona Of Your Dreams…. (warning for some body horror text!)

"shimmering lilac walrus. it wears louboutin heels. it comes from a long line of royalty"

hm uhm hm yea

ancient wolf. it constantly drips with a tar-like black substance. it carries a nail bat.
it me

sweaty jellyfish. it loves to wear combat boots with cute stickers all over them. it flickers in and out of this plane of reality.

"shimmering lilac sloth. it uses reddit but won’t admit it. it wears incredibly large and impractical sunglasses." this is surprisingly close to my old fursona

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Aug 22


Anonymous said: idk if it helps but I was taking wellbutrin a few months ago and it didn't do shit for me. i switched to fluoxetine just recently and that's doing way better for me (personally).

Been on fluoxetine, didn’t help me much. Couldn’t get the dose high enough to do anything without a whole bunch of bad side effects. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Wellbutrin’s been pretty good for me, I’ve definitely had the most success with it. I just have no idea wtf is up with these 150mg pills.


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