There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

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how to ensure you are always “friend zoned”/”forever alone”





  • refer to women as “females”
  • use the term “friend zoned”
  • make ragecomics about being friend zoned or about the enigmatic and laughable nature of women
  • whine more than a 5 year old while complaining that women are over emotional
  • tag your tumblr posts with “woman logic” and “stupid females”
  • go after psychotic women and then decide to wage war on the female sex because YOU picked shitty girlfriends
  • refer to yourself as a “nice guy”
  • continually pursue women who have made it very clear to you that they aren’t interested
  • assume every woman that you’re nice to owes you sex
  • lose your shit when you find out a girl thinks of you as a friend rather than a love interest
  • complain about how women “ONLY GO AFTER JERKS!!!” as you attempt to emotionally manipulate women into dating you
  • complain that women are vain and care too much about clothes and makeup, but only go after fashionable ladies who look like pinup models.
  • cry when said gorgeous women are only interested in handsome, fashionable men.
  • be tactless and overbearing in trying to be “chivalrous.” make sure to smother your friend-girls and treat them like delicate, kitchen-dwelling glass butterflies! never let them open their own doors or make their own decisions. EVER.
  • refer to yourself as antifeminist or a men’s rights activist. of course, this will probably keep you from being “friend zoned” at all, because no woman will want to be friends with you.

Okay, overall this is a good list about the Nice Guy epidemic but I really didn’t cotton to this one:

go after psychotic women and then decide to wage war on the female sex because YOU picked shitty girlfriends

because, uh, “psychotic” is a really ableist pejorative and is just…not a good thing to call someone.  The meaning behind it of “well my girlfriends dumped me/were mean so all female-identifying people must be the same hate them all!” is well and good but the wording just made me D:

Every time i see a list like this I wanna punch myself in the eye for being a woman.

god forbid anyone ever thought that i think this way because i dont.

I’m so damn girls bitching about the term friend zone. Like just fuck off it’s not sexist, you’re just nit picking at crap. And my money says I’m going to get a feminist bitching at me because I think it’s bullshit how they act over the stupidest crap. There’s a reason I went 5 years hating feminists, and they’re just making me hate them again.

I’d like to note that I never said the term friend zoning was sexist. I know girls use it too. However, it’s still a fucking stupid term. It’s always used to paint friendship as a shitty consolation prize instead of something to be treasured and makes it sound like a person’s only value lies in fuckability.

ps, as a side note: if you don’t want to have feminists bitch at you then think before you open your mouth and let the stupid out

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