There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

Call me Jester (Duckstapler and variants of it is fine too). I'm a lesbian separatist who draws space marines and horrible animal people.

MY WEBSITE!!!! (the games are here)

sir rincisor (haHA) sam dr. renalds ike mira aaaaaand leo


01. Name: Rin
02. Best friend: they’re lonely :,(
03. Sexuality: anything goes
04. Favorite color: gold/silver/any color that appears on valuable gemstones
05. Relationship status: swinger
06. Ideal mate: someone who will be ok when they move on to the next person
07. Turn-ons: fair men and handsome ladies, people who are observant enough to figure out they’re a kitsune/can win his rigged games, humans (they’re a MORTAL-CHASER), humbling smug people.
08. Favorite food: azuki beans, tofu, mice.
09. Crushes: n/a
10. Favorite music: anything with a violin or a saxophone in it
11. Biggest fear: Exorcism / getting their ninth tail and achieving (relative) omnipotence / getting their soul stolen (since, if u know anything about kitsune myth, their souls take physical form)
12. Biggest fantasy: they don’t know.
13. Bad habits: falls in love easily + can’t commit, hypocritically reckless, makes a martyr of themself on impulse, can’t admit when they’re outmatched, eats mice live around people, wisecracking inappropriately
14. Biggest regret: their serial dating
15. Best kept secrets: their fears
16. Last thought: “is my nose the same shape as last time I used my human disguise”
17. Worst romantic experience: Their first; it was the standard fair of monsters-and-demons-shouldn’t-date-humans.
18. Biggest insecurity: the haunting notion that this next lover won’t be the last bawwww
19. Weapon of choice: their tail mouthsss
20. Role Model: Their kitsune-outwitting human ancestor.

01. Name: Samantha Butcher/Sarah Pilgrim
02. Best friend: Frank or Ike (yes this is kind of tragic)
03. Sexuality: biggest gay who ever gayed
04. Favorite color: RED
05. Relationship status: seagull :(
06. Ideal mate: Glasgow, but without the torture part
07. Turn-ons: BODACIOUS BABES, her enemies’ suffering, her friends’ suffering, killing space monsters with her bare hands, candlelit dinners
08. Favorite food: space nazi meat, one of the rarest meats in the galaxy
09. Crushes: any babe of the moment, GLASGOW… except for the torture thing…
10. Favorite music: whatever the edgiest flavor of space future music is
11. Biggest fear: GLASGOW :(
12. Biggest fantasy: RICH. AND BABES. RICH WITH BABES.
13. Bad habits: short temper, being overly cocky and petty, compulsive aggression, drinking, smoking, feeding her stimpack and adrenaline addictions, protecting frank when he deserves a punch in the face
14. Biggest regret: letting Luke get himself blown up
15. Best kept secrets: Her old southern accent, the fact that Frank is really good at cards (said secret is kept from him)
16. Last thought: “man that eyeball got some distance, look at it go…”
17. Worst romantic experience: Glasgow.
18. Biggest insecurity: her hands
19. Weapon of choice: gauss rifle OR bare hands OR whatever isn’t nailed down OR frank if he’s nearby (he can be an effective makeshift bludgeon)
20. Role Model: Gynnafer Faeth, the captain of the first space pirate crew she was a part of may her soul rest in peas

01. Name: Jay Renalds
02. Best friend: NO 1 *POUT*
03. Sexuality: uh…. his species’ equivalent of heterosexual
04. Favorite color: HE’D SCOFF AT THIS QUESTION
06. Ideal mates: RESPECTABLE WOMEN WHO ARE NOT MORONS (who share his sadistic tendencies)
07. Turn-ons: Intelligence, mutual dislike of other people, nurses, surgical tools
09. Crushes: the medic of Solitary Eagle (Lone Wolf’s rival mercenary crew) but he will never admit it and it will never go anywhere because FUK ROMANCE *POUT*
10. Favorite music: stuffy shit with DIGNITY
11. Biggest fear: NONE
12. Biggest fantasy: being an actually respectable doctor and having a normal job again… haha… ha…
13. Bad habits: forgetting that arguing with sam is impossible, curses all the time (listing this as a bad habit even though just about all my characters are no-good swearers because RELIGION), half assing sewing up wounds because those assholes will just get hurt again anyway
14. Biggest regret: messing up his marriage
15. Best kept secrets: he does sleep on the heating rock sam gave him for space christmas…
16. Last thought: “lord give me strength to deal with these cretins”
17. Worst romantic experience: his previous marriage </3333
18. Biggest insecurity: the fact he’s not a “”real”” doctor……
19. Weapon of choice: n/a
20. Role Model: Elisha; he really admires how he called down that bear to maul those youths

01. Name: #Q00-665… or just ike…
02. Best friend: Sam. this reality haunts him daily
03. Sexuality: heterosexual
04. Favorite color: no
05. Relationship status: emo AKA DUMPED
06. Ideal mate: someone low key and gentle who isn’t an axe crazy murderpants type like literally everyone in spessverse
07. Turn-ons: emotional stability, long term commitment, a person he can have a nice, coherent conversation with
08. Favorite food: he’s not picky…. he just eats what’s around to stay alive and stuff…
09. Crushes: Mira…. no she does not really fit the criteria above….
10. Favorite music: idk
11. Biggest fear: being indentured to Sam forever
12. Biggest fantasy: to have a house and a wife and kids and maybe a nice quiet office job…..
13. Bad habits: drinking, getting hung up over stupid shit, wallowing in self pity, nursing his hypochondria
14. Biggest regret: HIS WHOLE LIFE BUU BUU BUU
15. Best kept secrets: the details of his last employer (dun dun dun)
16. Last thought: “what just hit me in the back of the head? an eyeball… gross”
17. Worst romantic experience: Mira :(
18. Biggest insecurity: EVERYTHING WEWEWEWEW
19. Weapon of choice: he prefers sniper rifles but sam insists he’s wasted as a sniper so generic spess marine guns it is
20. Role Model: ……….i dunno…. :( :( :(

01. Name: Miriam Ross
02. Best friend: I DON’T KNOW… SOME… PERSON?
03. Sexuality: to be confirmed………. dot dot dot…
04. Favorite color: sepia tones
05. Relationship status: SINGLE
06. Ideal mate: someone as amazing as she is~*~
07. Turn-ons: Herself, flattery, a challenge
08. Favorite food: EXPENSIVE FOOD.
09. Crushes: Ike? or does she? SPOILERS FOLKS ;)
10. Favorite music: i’m having a hard time coming up with these because it’s so intensely irrelevant
11. Biggest fear: the vacuum of space…
12. Biggest fantasy: Becoming historically famous, rather than a flash-in-the-pan celebrity or a nameless operative who never gets credit
13. Bad habits: Short temper, being overly cocky and petty, taking bribes, throwing others under the bus
14. Biggest regret: that she and sam were seperated
15. Best kept secrets: lots of them :v
16. Last thought: “i hate stalling…”
17. Worst romantic experience: probably all of them
18. Biggest insecurity: her wide shoulders
19. Weapon of choice: sniper rifle ;3
20. Role Model: the babe she and sam were cloned from….

01. Name: Leo
03. Sexuality: heterosexual
04. Favorite color: blue
05. Relationship status: single. LADIES…
06. Ideal mate: a bad gurl who can out drink him and thinks that his shitty guitar skills are impressive
07. Turn-ons: see the above 6.6
08. Favorite food: corn flakes.
09. Crushes: n/a
10. Favorite music: grunge or deathmetal or some shit
11. Biggest fear: renny messing up his job interviews or romantic life (IF HE HAD ONE HAW)
12. Biggest fantasy: for renny to gtfo. or to be a rockstar or something generic like that.
13. Bad habits: picking fights, picking scabs, picking his nose, falling asleep in public places, smoking, drinking, drooling at the sight of food, being a rude ass little punk bitch
14. Biggest regret: tripping renny down those stairs…
15. Best kept secrets: the fact that he’s a huge momma’s boy (or was before they became estranged)
16. Last thought: “ren’s possessing the TV again. adorable. not like he’s done that 300 times before.”
17. Worst romantic experience: every time his girlfriends came out as lesbians
18. Biggest insecurity: the fact that he’s unpleasant to be around and not that bright
19. Weapon of choice: broken bottles
20. Role Model: his momma

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