There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

There was a HOLE here. It's gone now.

Call me Jester (Duckstapler and variants of it is fine too). I'm a lesbian separatist who draws space marines and horrible animal people.

MY WEBSITE!!!! (the games are here)

tags of interest

mostly for my own reference.

Story/Project/OC Tags

Finished works can be found ON MY WEBSITE!

———Sable Destroys the Universe

A story of a young lady who just happens to be a practitioner of the black arts and the harbinger of the apocalypse. (general tag)


The misadventures of a crew of cut throat space mercenaries who are actually all stupid adult children when no one is looking. The Illuminati is watching. (general tag)

———REM Sleep

A game in the works about dream travel. This is my current project. (general tag / game dev tag)

———Some Pokemon webcomic me and my gf are gonna do

———Space Funeral: Legend of Earth Birth

A Space Funeral fangame I made fueled on a love of Space Funeral and malfunctioning medication. Some people like it, some people don’t. General tag is here and the game can be downloaded here.

———Legend of Zelda: The Seventh Sage

as you can probably tell from the title this isn’t an original work but a fangame wooo!! It has its own blog where I post updates on development.

———Misc Characters

These guys don’t have a story presently in planning, I just draw them sometimes.

side guys for all stories: minor characters

Art tags

These are just tags I kinda have and update semi-regularly.